Simply Creative's April Simply Subscription Box Revealed!

Simply Creative's April Simply Subscription Box Revealed!

Here it is!

Today we are showing you the contents of Simply Creative's Simply Subscription Box! We have searched at market and throughout the country looking for just the perfect product, colors and more and cant wait to show you what is inside!

Your Simply Subscription Box this month is butterfly and bird themed just like the coming of Spring! The tissue paper inside matches beautifully to the surprises it holds carefully. If you are giving this as a gift, we know the recipient will love it the minute it arrives in the mail!


Our theme this month is " Butterflies & Spring Beauty" and as I started to build this box, I came to realize that butterflies are the perfect example of how we change and evolve in our lifetimes and sometimes when things seem tuff, if you just wait just a little bit, you might be surprised at the beauty of all the hard times in life!  We hope the items inside will help bring beauty to your life and brighten your days ahead.

WHOA! If you are one of those people who loves to be surprised when you Simply box arrives, DO NOT SCROLL DOWN ANY FARTHER! Photos next!

Wyoming's best little flower, gift, gourmet and women's fashion store that you would never expect to find here in downtown Wheatland, WY!



This month, we are featuring a very talented artist by the name of Yvonne Betts who designed this very lovely butterfly cards that turn into gifts as well. They can be used to decorate a home or office and come in a great variety of colors.

Two of my favorite finds were the Butterfly poop and the Nancy's candy coated sunflower seeds. You know we love chocolate! The butterfly poop is actually an amazing butter toffee that is addictive as crazy! The chocolate covered sunflower seeds come from a small candy factory that was owned by a delightful candy maker named Nancy that I have gotten to know thru market. She has since retired and loves her company so much that she comes back to market just to help! These seeds can also be used to decorate cakes for a fun punch of color!

Other items you will find in your Simply box this month are the Shaggie Dishcloths that absorb more than 10 times their weight and I love the way they have a side that scrubs and a soft side for making dirty jobs easier and prettier!

We have also included the cutest ever bumble bee tea infuser and honey dipper! So adorable! The little honey bee perches on the side of your cup and grins at you as you wait for your tea to brew! Even the honey dipper has a smiling bee on it!

The next item we included is a very wonderful smelling essential oil soap that leaves your skin feeling soft and silky plus you can plant the paper wrapper and it will grow! The paper has flower seeds in it! I also included a package of spring seeds to bring you some spring sunshine.

The next item we included is the Garden Party Mix and garden themed spreaders. This cute little garden themed dip mix set can be used as a gift, it is wrapped so nicely! This fun item comes from Monica from Raven's Nest, the company that makes our delicious raspberry jalapeno jelly.

Love these mini cookbooks that inspire some fun new recipes as the season changes. I love how beautiful the color photos are and they just inspire new beginnings.

Thank you so much to all of our subscribers...Without you, we couldn't create these fun boxes every month! If you have been thinking about joining, this would be a great month to jump in!

I truly think the best way to have fun with these Simply boxes  is to look at your calendar and see who has birthdays, anniversaries, or even someone who is just needing a little pick me up, make a list and get the boxes started. It is a GREAT VALUE (each box has $60-$70 in product and your cost, as a Subscriber is just $39.99 a month or $45 for a one time gift.

Order in store or online, and as always, feel free to give us a call if you have any questions at all! I hope you will LOVE your APRIL "Butterflies and Spring Beauty" BOX!

Genia Vineyard


PS we still have a few of the March boxes still available. Just give us a call if you want to order!