Small Town Living in Wyoming

Small Town Living in Wyoming

I often get questioned especially when I am out of town at business functions, why on earth do you live in such a small town? How many people live there? My personal favorite is: Do you guys have internet out there?  Yes we do by the way!

Living in rural Wyoming definitely comes with its own set of challenges and then add owning a small business to a town of 3500 population-well that is a whole other story! 

Yet, I love living here! I love the simple life, I can be just about anywhere in town in 5 minutes or so. I know just about everyone which relates back to the fact that I can not only usually tell you where they live, but also their favorite flower! I love the fact that I have been put in a place in my life to help others take care of their loved ones, family, and friends for so many occasions. I have watch children grow from in their mothers arms while she shops to barely being able to look over the front checkout counter to helping them prepare for a wedding or even possibly the sadness of a loss of a loved one. My job here is important.

My kids and husband might argue with me on this. I remember my kids not wanting everyone in town to know them but they did anyway. They survived! I remember my son telling me that he wasn't sure he wanted me to pick him up from elementary school anymore in the flower delivery van because all the girls called it the girly van! I feel safe knowing that if my child is somewhere in town and has trouble, any one of the amazing people I know would gladly help them and I would do the same for them!

I love going to a baseball game knowing that I have watched most of the kids grow up playing baseball and went to school with most of their parents. It feels like home to me! I love watching what a sport like baseball does to the kids, bringing out confidence and potential in some of the meekest kids! A town coming together to support our team whether they win or lose. The smell of hot dogs and the excitement of a great hit-yes I love baseball!

Small town also comes with knowing your fellow merchants and knowing that you can walk into almost any of their stores and they will call you by name and remember what you like to eat or purchase! 

I also love the sunsets over our gorgeous mountains and knowing that my children will someday look at those mountains and hopefully think of me after my final sunset because I always made a big deal and had them stop and look at the sunset and even take pictures! If that doesn't work, I have done the same with fall leaves on the trees!

What do you love about your hometown? Favorite store? Favorite memory? Small rural town Wyoming might not be for everyone, that's ok. If it was, that would change everything! Take a little trip and explore a small town Wyoming, you might really be surprised at what you see and feel!



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