How to give great gifts for Professional Administrative's Day

How to give great gifts for Professional Administrative's Day

It's intimidating for sure making sure you have just the right gift for the person who holds it all together-the administrative professional! Once called Secretary's Day which I have to admit is a lot easier to write on a card has now been changed to a more distinguished name! 

I have in my day, served in both capacities and I will say that the modern day person who performs these types of jobs does so much more than answer the phone and type some letters now and then!

So this day was set aside to make sure we stop and acknowledge those people in our offices that really do seem to keep it the office moving forward! 

Here is the first question: How many people do I need to buy for? In my professions, I see most regularly gifts purchased for anywhere from the person who literally answers the phone  and sits behind a desk and handles paper in any way, to tellers and even sometimes wives!

If you only have a few to buy for you can get away with spending a little more. $40-$50 per person is the average. It gets a little harder when you have 40+ people to buy for! Then typically the  amount goes to around $20-$25 per person on the average.

Great gifts include gift cards to their favorite store or restaurant. Flowers and gift baskets full of personalized tumblers, fun stationary products, small plants, and more top the list of some of the favorite items purchased.

Another tip, is make sure the gifts are relatively the same. As a leader, I would never want anyone to get the idea there are favorites! That never turns out well! I would also like to advise to stay away from personal products like bath & body or jewelry if coming from a male boss to a female employee. Again, I wouldn't want to send any wrong messages and end up with awkward thank you moments!

Another note is don't panic if you don't get it done on the day! Most people celebrate this holiday all week which is typically the 3rd week in April. 

If it is all too overwhelming for you, leave it to a professional gift retailer! They can usually come up with a very nice gift in a reasonable budget and most times will even deliver for you! 

If you would like further information or help with your gift giving, be sure to give Simply Creative a call. We ship, wrap and deliver! 307-322-0918

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