Atlanta market trends

Atlanta market trends

I just visited the Atlanta gift market and it was exciting! I go there about twice a year to collect all the wonderful things you will find in our store. I was there for a week and still didn't get to see the whole thing. There are 4 buildings and they are all bridged together. Around 18 floors each give or take and so much to see. If you cannot find what you are looking for in the area of retail here, I am not sure it exists! 

Some of the fashion trends I picked up on are still lots of texture and flowey-is that a word? LOL fabrics and design. Lace and key hole cuts are still very popular. Leggings are not going anywhere either! I am still seeing quite a bit of criss cross detail and lots of florals and plaids. I got talked into being a model for a fashion show and wore leggings with a very floral kimono type piece over the top. Something I would have never picked on my own and everyone loved it! Even I can be lightly pushed out of my comfort zone and come out smiling! We bought quite a few bright spring outfits, so they should be arriving soon!

In the home decor arena, Joanna Gaines with her farmhouse style has made such an impact on the entire industry! I saw a lot of galvanized items as well as lots of farmhouse style decorations for not only your house but outside as well. Reproduction of items from farms and times gone by are used for almost everything. I personally like the simple style and all the great colors like reds and blacks, light blues, and grays. Large signs with big words are still a very hot item with every company making a slightly different version. We were told that Joanna was actually there somewhere at the market, and Paula Dean but I didn't get to see either one.

I also participated in a few meetings where we learn from retailers all over the country what is hot and what is not! That is sometimes the first place we learn about new items that are going nuts in the market. Sometimes, it is in a casual conversation over lunch with a stranger and sometimes it is directly from the person who is making it. One of the cool gadget type things I saw were these light bubble things-hard to explain-I do not even know what to call them. We often get to see things before they ever even hit the open market! These would be fun for events like birthday parties!

Whatever the case, it is always so inspiring to see what is out there in the world and bring it right back here to my favorite hometown and share it with all of you. Stop by and see us and I will tell you more! Simply Creative in downtown Wheatland, WY