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Destination Downtown

My heart is in a small town downtown. Every time I get to travel to a new place, I avoid the big box stores and want to know what is downtown. These are the places that locals sometimes take for granted but always take their guests to when entertaining friends and family! They are the places that host events and get the community together to celebrate their town and their local culture.

Every time I visit a new downtown, I am fascinated by the diversity of the small businesses thriving or maybe just holding on. It's where you will find the local pizza place, the local flower shop, and so much more! They don't have gigantic signs or fancy parking lots, but they do have character. Maybe that is what draws me to them. 

They don't have big corporate giants backing them up as they may struggle from time to time making their rent or paying their employees but their hearts are in it as they donate again to the local little league or charity to help their communities thrive!

I live in a very small downtown and we have such an interesting mix of entrepreneurs making it happen! A book store, a brewery, a pizza place, a health food store, a taxidermist and even a saddle maker! That is just the tip of the great time you will have here!

So, when is the last time you checked out your local downtown? What is waiting to be discovered? Message me and let me know how great your downtown is and what you found so I can share it with others!





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