Love Your Self Girl

Love Your Self Girl

As a mother, wife, grandmother, daughter, and boss, I have learned so much! I am not sure if its my age now, or the life experiences I have been through, but I feel like I have hit some type of milestone, kind of like when you turn 21 only a lot different! I used to think I had to apologize for being whom I am, or be someone different somehow. If I was thinner, if I had more money, if I just worked harder at work, and now I just don't. I am who I am and I am pretty darn happy about it-most days anyway!

I used to be a whole lot more sheltered and close minded. I remember before being a parent thinking " My kids will never do that!" Boy was I wrong! I learned that life happens and not always like you planned either. I have learned that everyone is fighting their own battles. I have learned that life is fragile and that relationships come and go and the few that stick around are precious. How did I get here? I am not really sure. I have people ask me " How can you be so happy all the time?" I guess I have learned to take most things as they are, and not give anything energy that doesn't deserve it! Retail has made me tougher and grown my spirit in so many ways.

I have employed around 30 women in my business. Oh, have they taught me a bunch too! Some came and went and taught me lessons along the way. Some stayed and became life long friends and some even broke my heart a little. That is what happens when your work becomes your life and when you really care about your team. I wouldn't change a thing honestly. I have grown with these friendships, each and every one. 

I can honestly tell you after living thru a divorce,  raising 3 kids, and owning a small business in a rural community has changed me forever.I was lucky enough to meet the love of my life shortly after my divorce and I have to give him a lot of credit for helping me see the simpler way of life can make you happier than you ever imagined. My business has allowed me to meet some of the most awesome people and also held my soul as I sat by a grieving mother whom have lost a child. It has all affected me. Some people would take that as a negative that would weigh them down forever. I choose to see it as a gift to remember life is so precious.

So what's next? I wish the world was full of a lot more people who are just out there being real. People who lift each other up despite failures and wins! I wish I could tell every mama out there who is struggling to keep up with children and their spouse and work, that they are doing just fine! I wish I could tell them to just slow down and that laundry and dishes will always wait for them and childhood is so short.  I wish I could tell them that the vehicle they drive, the house they live or their appearance does not determine their self worth. I wish I could go back and tell my 21 year old self all these things too, but would I be the person I am today? Maybe not. My final message is to Love your Self Girl! You are beautiful in every way and you are worth it! So blessed.