Why Buy Fresh Flowers from a Florist vs. a Grocery Store

Why Buy Fresh Flowers from a Florist vs. a Grocery Store

When you buy fresh flowers, the #1 difference between the grocery store and a local florist is the quality of flowers. Florists have a absolute passion to provide the very best florals in terms of freshness and quality and superior floral services. They constantly have fresh flowers shipped in weekly and sometimes daily to serve their customer needs.  Therefore, they constantly have the very freshest flowers available and the life span of these professionally cared for fresh cuts will have the longest life. They are the best they can be! Grocery stores can typically buy truckloads of florals for discounted prices that may not always be the best quality but come at great prices. It is all about quality!

Florists also have the best variety of fresh flowers. The florists are experts in all types of flowers and will have the knowledge to select the variety of flowers that thrive and display together the best! Grocery stores may have your typical flowers like roses, lilies and tulips, but they most likely will not have all the color choices a florist will offer.

Florists often offer specials to help you decide on what bouquet you would like to send to a loved one and can also deliver a bouquet for you with the care it needs to survive heat and severe cold temperatures to arrive looking beautiful! Most florists offer a cooler full of ready to go florals in lots of price ranges, so stopping by the flower shop and grabbing a floral on your way home can be just as easy as the grocery store! You can also call ahead and a friendly florist will have your order waiting.

Talented florists often have designs that you will simply never see at a grocery store. Because most florists are so passionate about flowers, you will see some of the most beautiful displays of flowers like tropicals, exotics, and speciality breeds of roses and carnations. They will often know when your loved one really likes a certain flower if you do business with them regularly and keep track of those details for you.

Local florists can often send flowers thru their wire services for you so that you can send flowers to a loved one across the country, all in the hands of a trusted local friend!

So before you grab those flowers sitting next to the toilet paper on special this Valentines Day or any other time, consider your local florist to send something so special to the people you love!