How to care for your fresh cut flowers to make them last longer

How to care for your fresh cut flowers to make them last longer

Fresh flowers with the right care can last significantly longer when cared for properly.

When you receive your flowers, make sure they have plenty of water. Flowers, especially cuts like lilies can empty the water in a vase very quickly! Check your water level daily.

Protect your flowers from extreme temperatures. Flowers will dry out quickly near a heat source like a register or stove. When transporting flowers, take care to make sure they are protected from freezing temperatures in a vehicle. Florists usually provide a cover but you can also use a trash bag if you need to!

For a vase arrangement, pick the flowers up several times a week and dump the water out and replace with fresh clean water. Remove any flower petals or leaves from the vase to provide a clean environment for the flowers. Cut the stems off the flowers appx 1/4 -1/2 of an inch to allow better absorption of the water. Replace the stems back into the fresh water. If you have flower food, you can add some according to directions on the package at this time. 

As you enjoy your flowers and some begin to wilt, be sure to remove them from the arrangement to keep the other flowers around them fresher.

The last tip is always get your flowers from a trusted local florist. Their expertise and care of flowers will guarantee a longer life span and enjoyment of your fresh cut flowers!