Crazy Days Vendor Form

Crazy Days Vendor Form

Crazy  Days Vendor Sign up 2023






Name of Business:_____________________

What are you selling:___________________



Do you want to be on Spin The Wheel? Yes   no

If you want to be on Spin The Wheel, you will need to provide at least 20 prize slips for prizes. You will also be given spin the wheel tickets to give out to your customers as well. This has been wildly popular with customers and vendors! Think small gifts with purchase or $5 gift certificates etc. Something for them to redeem and come see you! 

Here is how it works-you are given Spin The Wheel tickets to give out to your customers. They come Spin The Wheel and then they may land on another business. We  pull the prize from that business and they get to go see what they won!  This keeps the customers going from booth to booth and increases traffic to businesses and booths! Spin The Wheel is only until noon. You may give out your tickets  as you please. There is no additional cost to play Spin The Wheel.

 Fee is a nonrefundable  $30 and will cover advertising for the event. We also appreciate any additional marketing you can do to support the event! 

You may set up anywhere in the downtown with permission from store owner.  This is only if you want to set up in front of a business to make sure they are not using the space themselves. Otherwise the  Streets will be blocked on Gilchrist and you may set up anywhere on the street. I recommend a pop up rent for shade if you have one, No tables or chairs are provided.

Please be set up and ready  to go by 7:45 Am. Event is from 8 am to Noon.


Remember its the parade and free pancake breakfast as well so the crowd is GOOD! Capture names and contact information by doing a giveaway and then you can market to them in the future! I also encourage you to hand out info to the parade route! 

 Please return this form with your $30 Advertising Fee and your Spin The Wheel prize tickets to Simply Creative by July 25th. Email is Mailing address is Simply Creative 855 Gilchrist Street Wheatland, Wy 82201. Submit payment by check , venmo, or we can send you a secure link. You are welcome to call 307-322-0918 and ask for Genia for any more details! Thank you!