How to build the perfect Easter Basket

How to build the perfect Easter Basket

Simply Creative can help! We build baskets too and are always happy to hop on over to your doorstep and deliver them to your porch! Let's get started! 

Start with some sweets:

Top picks include our Albanese Gummi bears, Abdallah Easter bunnies in chocolate and peanut butter, peanut butter malt balls and don't forget the best cookies ever! Cookies_pos=3&_sid=f796a87a4&_ss=r

Add a fun game, toys and gadgets:

 Tenzi is fun for all ages! Our selection of fun games and puzzles are memory makers! The kids love our selection of small toys! We even have whoopie cushions! New selection of games for all ages. The teens will love the wireless earbuds and charging cables too!

Add an activity book! So many fun books to keep them engaged for hours!

 how to catch a bunny

Don't forget a fun plush animal!

Plush bunnies are always fun but what about a Warm Pal? These adorable stuffed animals can be heated in the microwave for warm cuddles!

Have us wrap it all up and watch for smiles! 

Push the easy button and order online and we will pick it all out for you!

 Shred-That fun filling that adds color to all the baskets! We have several colors and can sell you a lunch bag full of shred to fluff up those baskets! I will put that on our website too!

For the preteen kids, we have bath products, small purses, hairbands, journals, candy, and more. Give us a call and we will help you hop right into Easter fun!