Easter basket ideas for the kids

Easter basket ideas for the kids

Wow! Easter is just a short time away and with social distancing, I know a lot of you are thinking-what and how am I going to get Easter baskets filled? I know things will be different than usual but there is no reason that we cannot celebrate Easter in our own way with our family. Who knows, this may be the one Easter that makes the most precious memories for all of you. One thing that is a blessing is the opportunity to slow down and spend more time making fun happen in your home.

Simply Creative can help! We build baskets too and are always happy to hop on over to your doorstep and deliver them to your porch! Let's get started! 

Some great ideas include games, puzzles, books, and activities to keep the kids busy. We have an incredible selection of these items for lots of age groups and I will list them below with links to our website for easy ordering! How to catch the Easter bunny book is a great read too! I also put a random bag of fun things like stickers, bubbles, small toys on here to help with the little items! You can also search games on our website-there are a lot!







https://shopsimplycreative.com/products/how-to-babysit-a-grandpa-book how to catch a bunny



Easter candy! I know I wait every year for those addictive Starburst jelly beans! Ugh! Do you like Cadbury eggs? Seems like you love them or hate them! We do have some really fun Easter candy like chocolate covered sunny seeds in a fun carrot container and giant Rice Crispy bars with sprinkles! Albanese Gummy Bears and worms are the World's Best and I would agree!  Kids love our flavored hydrations straws too: Just insert into a glass of water and you have a flavor! The weird part is the water doesn't change!  The flavor is in the straw as the water filters thru to your tastebuds! Here are my top picks:





 Plush bunnies are always a hit with the kids! We have Easter bunnies in our Warm Pal collection that you can warm up in the microwave or cool down in the freezer. The kids love them! We even have snakes, unicorns, and more! We also have Ty babies and Ty mystery toys. These cute little plush toys are something the little kids will love the best!




DaBomb bath bombs are one of my grandkids favorites! These bath bombs were created by two 12 year old girls and come in a fun variety of themes. Each one has a prize inside after the bath bomb is gone. Barbie, glow in the dark, glitter and even Hot Wheels are available. Money Soap is a great pick with yummy scented soap that has real money in the center of it. The kids have to wash to get to the center. There is anywhere from $1 to $50 of real money in every bar. A local resident got the $50 a few years ago! 



Swim goggles just arrived! These cool goggles are known for no tangles in your hair and amazing comfort! They each have a fun band of fabric on the back  that keep them secure and fit all ages!


Socks and slippers. We have the cutest fuzzy slipper socks with grippers on the bottom in fun animal and monster designs! 

Personalized Easter Buckets-We can personalize your buckets or or own buckets with the kid's names and designs on them! We have a sticker cutter and we can make you one of your own stickers or we can put it on the bucket for you! We can also make personalized stickers like we did for Valentine's Day! 


Shred-That fun filling that adds color to all the baskets! We have several colors and can sell you a lunch bag full of shred to fluff up those baskets! I will put that on our website too!


For the preteen kids, we have bath products, small purses, hairbands, journals, candy, and more. Give us a call and we will help you hop right into Easter fun!

We can also custom design a gift basket for you. Tell us the age of the child and a price range and we will take it from there! Call the store Monday thru Friday 9 am to 4 pm. 307-322-0918